Peter Brett, M.D., Scientist; Director of Sutter Health’s North Bay Melanoma Program

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Research Overview

  • Dr. Brett is board-certified in Medical Oncology  and is a Principal Investigator in Santa Rosa for Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation cancer clinical trials, and  Director of Sutter Health’s North Bay Melanoma Program.
  • His practice focuses on the treatment of melanoma, and research interests are also aimed at cancers of the brain, breast, colon, liver and other solid tumor types.


Dr. Brett received his M.D. from Stanford University. Before joining Sutter Pacific, Dr. Brett completed an internship and residency at Stanford University Hospital and Clinics, as well as a fellowship with the National Cancer Institute.


Publication Search


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Peter Brett, M.D., Scientist; Director of Sutter Health’s North Bay Melanoma Program
Primary Research Interests
  • Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma
  • Diagnosis and treatment of solid tumors

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