William Goodson, M.D. , Scientist; Surgeon at CPMC

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Diagnosis and care of breast diseases
  • DNA damage incurred by TPA exposure

    Terephthalic acid (TPA) exposure promotes hallmarks of malignancy in benign high-risk donor breast epithelial cells, which include receptor activation, apoptosis evasion, cell cycle disruption, and persistent DNA damage. The dual potential of TPA to cause direct cellular damage, and to induce apoptosis evasion could enable persistence of potential cancerous precursors for future progression.

    DNA damage incurred by TPA exposure overrides the S-phase increase expected of an ERα-activating XE. Thus, lack of increased cell proliferation is insufficient as an endpoint for determining chemical safety in in vitro tests.

    Source: Low-dose exposure of non-malignant breast epithelial cells to the polyester and PET precursor, terephthalic acid, triggers broad-based dysfunctional changes. Luciani-Torres MG,  Goodson III, WH, Dairkee SH. San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2013. Abstract #110.


Research Overview

  • Dr. Goodson studies interactions between environmental chemicals and the development of cancer; techniques to improve breast examinations and lumpectomies; quality assurance for timely diagnosis of breast cancer; and growth rates of the disease. Some of his research in this area involves collaborations with Dr. Shanaz Dairkee.
  • He was the only surgeon in Northern California to participate in the original clinical trials demonstrating that lumpectomy is a safe and effective treatment for early breast cancer.
  • Dr. Goodson has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on most aspects of breast diseases, wound healing, and patient care ethics.


Dr. Goodson obtained his M.D. from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. He completed residency training at University Hospitals of Cleveland and a fellowship at Boston’s Children’s Hospital.


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William Goodson, M.D. , Scientist; Surgeon at CPMC
Primary Research Interests
  • Effects of xenoestrogens and cancer risk
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer