Stewart Cooper, M.D., Director, Kalmanovitz Liver Immunology Laboratory; Senior Scientist

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Improving the prevention and treatment of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other liver diseases

Research Overview

  • Dr. Cooper studies molecular and genetic changes underlying liver diseases including hepatitis B and C, and he uses genomic and proteomic approaches to uncover new therapeutic targets for the hepatitis virus.
  • Current research in the Cooper lab includes investigations of how natural killer cells, T cells, and hybrid natural killer T cells may interact to clear hepatitis C, and how related sets of genes influence immune response.
  • Dr. Cooper directs the Kalmanovitz Liver Immunology Laboratory at CPMC, and leads translational research to identify immunological influences on disease outcomes in patients with hepatitis C (including those undergoing liver transplantation).
  • Under Dr. Cooper’s leadership, validated biomarkers for liver and biliary diseases will be used to personalize treatment and help predict an individual’s response to therapy.


Dr. Cooper received his M.D. at Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff, Wales (UK). He completed residency training at the University Hospital of Wales and a fellowship in gastroenterology at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California.


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Stewart Cooper, M.D., Director, Kalmanovitz Liver Immunology Laboratory; Senior Scientist
Primary Research Interests
  • Investigations of how natural killer cells, T cells, and hybrid natural killer T cells interact to clear hepatitis C
  • Development and validation of biomarkers for liver and biliary diseases
  • Studies on autoimmune liver disease, complications of liver disease, hemochromatosis, hepatic encephalopathy, and liver cancer

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Lab Members

Adil (Ed) Wakil, M.D.
Associate Chief, Division of Hepatology at California Pacific Medical Center; Associate Director of the Kalmanovitz Liver Immunology Laboratory
Dr. Lia Avanesyan, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow
Adrian Wadley, B.Sc.
El Hefni Liver Biorepository Manager