Li Xi Yang, M.D., Ph.D., Scientist

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Developing novel anticancer therapeutics and investigating multidrug resistance
  • In vivo efficacies of CPT417 and topotecan against mammary adenocarcinoma tumors

    In vivo efficacies of CPT417 and topotecan against mammary adenocarcinoma tumors. MTG-B mammary adenocarcinoma tumors were established subcutaneously in the flank of C3H/HeN mice. CPT417, topotecan or vehicle with no drug were administered by a single intraperitoneal injection to three groups of mice. Another group of mice was treated by oral administration with CPT417. Average tumor volumes are plotted (n=10).

    Source: Young G, Yang Y, Wong B, Wang H, and LiXi Yang. A novel camptothecin analog with enhanced antitumor activity. Anticancer Res 2007;27:3173-78. (Figure 4)


Research Overview

  • The toxic side effects of some existing anticancer therapies limit their usefulness, and thus research in the Yang lab is aimed at developing a new class of dual-function agents that increase chemotherapeutic and radiation effects on cancers, with minimal toxicity.
  • Dr. Yang is initiating studies that explore novel analogs to paclitaxel for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Additionally, the Yang lab is focused on addressing the challenge of why radiation fails in the treatment of certain cancers, with the goal to develop and test a new class of agents that will pre-sensitize tumors to radiation therapy, without increasing toxicity. Preclinical testing and basic studies of these radiosensitizers is ongoing.
  • In collaboration with other CPMCRI investigators including Dr. Garret Yount, Dr. Yang is conducting pre-clinical and pilot studies on novel compounds shown to overcome multidrug resistance of cancer cells. Current work in this area includes a pre-clinical study in ovarian and brain tumor cells.


Dr. Yang received his M.D. from Nantong Medical College in China, and his Ph.D. in pharmacology and toxicology at Dartmouth Medical School. Before joining CPMCRI in 1998, Dr. Yang was an Associate Professor of Biology in the Institute of Molecular Biophysics at Florida State University.


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Li Xi Yang, M.D., Ph.D., Scientist
Primary Research Interests
  • Novel compounds for the treatment of cancer

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Hui-Juan Wang, B.Sc.
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