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California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) and its Research Institute (CPMCRI) are recognized for our collaborative research with investigators throughout the U.S. and abroad, in the areas of bench, translational and clinical research. The Grants and Contracts Office at CPMCRI promotes the research Mission of CPMC and Sutter Health by providing high quality financial and administrative services to researchers, collaborators and staff within CPMC, CPMCRI, the Sutter system and across institutions. Our office is further entrusted with complying with the rules and regulations of all of our funding agencies as well as protecting the legal and intellectual interests of our Researchers and the institution.

The Grants and Contracts Office processes applications and proposals for submission to federal, commercial, and foundation sponsors. We strive to provide timely preparation of all grant and contract applications and skillful administration of research awards. In this endeavor, we make every effort to deliver clear and concise information that fosters confidence and trust in our customers.

General Information

CPMCRI Tax ID: 94-0562680
Type of organization: Hospital
Tax exempt status: 501(c)(3) corporation
Date of Incorporation: 12/9/1985, Amended 6/1/2009

DUNS: 07-188-2724
FWA # 00000921
DHHS F&A Agreement date: 9/24/2015
Congressional District: CA-012
Auditor: Ernst & Young
Legal Name of Institution: Sutter Bay Hospitals, a California nonprofit public-benefit corporation d/b/a California Pacific Medical Center, on behalf of its Research Institute with offices located at 475 Brannan Street, Suite 130, San Francisco, CA, 94107

Cognizant Agency:
Program Support Center
Financial Management Service
Division of Cost Allocation
DCA Western Field Office
50 United Nations Plaza, Room 347
San Francisco, CA 94102
Robert Lee, 415-437-7820

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Grants Submission Process for CPMC Principal Investigators

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