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cellular adhesion molecules

Cell adhesion molecules reside on the surface of cells and mediate attachment between cells (green) or between cells and the surrounding matrix (blue) in normal tissues. Discovery researchers at CPMCRI are investigating changes on the surface of cancer cells.

Discovery Research

Fostering close collaborations among scientists within the Sutter Health system and at partnering institutions, the CPMC Research Institute (CPMCRI) is a unique center for translational research. Our investigators take a cross-disciplinary approach to discovery research in common human illnesses—transforming laboratory findings into new diagnostics, personalized therapies, and successful clinical studies.

Clinical Research

Over 80 clinical investigators at CPMC lead innovative research into common, chronic illnesses that impact millions of Americans. Our investigators merge research institute interests with the needs of CPMC’s medical center, making research an integral foundation for improved patient care.

Clinical Trials

Patients are an invaluable part of research at California Pacific Medical Center. Our research is aimed at improving health, devising more efficient healthcare delivery, and even preventing the onset of common illnesses.

And that’s why we’ve created an extensive clinical trials network with a diverse portfolio of studies potentially suited to your health concerns. Over 350 clinical trials across CPMC and among Sutter Health hospitals in Northern California are conducted in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neurodegenerative conditions, cancer, cardiology, chronic pain, epilepsy, gastroenterology, kidney and liver disease, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic surgery, pulmonary and critical care medicine, stroke, and transplant medicine.

Training and Education in Research

One of our key priorities lies in training the next generation of clinician-scientists.

CPMCRI offers resources for residents and fellows at CPMC who are motivated to gain research experience and training, including opportunities to design and conduct their own research projects with CPMCRI clinical and basic science research faculty.

Our basic science discovery labs also offer post-doctoral fellowship training, and can provide a mentored research experience for volunteers who wish to pursue a career in basic science.