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cells undergoing metastasis

As a cell becomes cancerous, its interactions with the surrounding environment and other neighboring cells change. This transformation is driven by alterations in the production of certain proteins that promote cancer cell movement.



Oncology clinical research at CPMC is robust, offering cancer patients entry into pharmaceutical and biotechnology company sponsored trials, and National Cancer Institute clinical trials. Clinical trials from phase 1 to pivotal phase 3 in melanoma, and cancers of the breast, prostate, colon, brain, pancreas and liver are supported by the discovery research conducted by CPMCRI scientists. Combined, these teams represent a comprehensive oncology research program at CPMC.

Several researchers in the oncology group are working with industry sponsors to move emerging therapies targeting specific genetic mutations into trials for treating cancer patients, some of which have entered phase 3 status. Other initiatives are focused on designing clinical trials to refine dosing and minimize side effects or adverse events associated with newly approved drugs, and identifying new compounds for clinical research.

News Highlight: 2015 was CPCM's top year for enrollment into its oncology clinical trials, with 13.6% of the hospital's cancer patients enrolling into almost 300 cancer studies - a rate that significantly exceeds the national average.


Michael Abel, M.D., FACS, FASCRS
Ari Baron, M.D.
Caroline Behler, M.D.
Peter Brett, M.D.
Rudy Buntic, M.D. (cancer surgery)
John Chan, M.D.
Benson Chen, M.D.
Joan Fisher, M.D.
William Goodson, M.D.
Kathleen Grant, M.D.
Jennifer Guy, M.D.
George Horng, M.D.
Stephanie Jeske, M.D.
Mohammed Kashani-Sabet, M.D.
Kevin Kim, M.D.
Alan Kramer, M.D.
John Lee, M.D.
Stanley Leong, M.D.
Louise, Lo, M.D.
David Minor, M.D.
Wei Wang, M.D.

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