Epilepsy Clinical Trials

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Below is a listing of epilepsy clinical trials  approved by CPMC’s Institutional Review Board:

NeuroPace RNS® System Post-Approval Study in Epilepsy

Description: This study is to follow patients prospectively over 5 years in the real-world environment to gather data on the long-term safety and effectiveness of the RNS System at qualified Comprehensive Epilepsy Centers by qualified neurologists, epileptologists, and neurosurgeons trained on the RNS System


Eligibility Requirements

Subjects 18 years of age or older with frequent, disabling seizures (SPS motor, CPS, or secondarily generalized seizures) and who have failed treatment with a minimum of 2 AEDs, undergone diagnostic testing that has identified no more than 2 epileptogenic foci and who are able to maintain a seizure diary alone or with the assistance of a competent individual


Open to enrollment


Douglas Raggett, RN, 415-600-3777