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Sutter Health has an integrated research enterprise across Northern California.

With research institutes located in San Francisco (CPMCRI), Palo Alto (Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute), Oakland (Jordan Research and Education Institute), and Sacramento (Sutter Institute for Medical Research), Sutter Health has integrated its research enterprises to widen CPMC’s portfolio of clinical trials and enable diverse translational research programs that support medical advances.

Over the last two years, the Sutter Research Enterprise began integrating its system-wide oncology and neuroscience research for coordinated efforts in clinical research and trials. As a key step in moving toward a shared services model, the restructuring into a single, system-wide administrative office with a physician-based governance structure eliminates redundancies, provides consistent administrative and regulatory support, and relieves the financial burden at the current affiliate level. Additionally, an integrated system gives patients access to a cutting-edge, large, diverse range of treatment options and follow-up services to support their care plan, and further facilitates their entry into clinical trials.  By integrating in two areas of Sutter’s leading clinical research expertise, the Sutter Cancer Research Consortium (SCRC) and Sutter Neuroscience Research Consortium (SNRC) further the organization’s goal to disseminate the One Sutter approach.

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